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Noun: Some one who creates in cooperation with others.
Noun: A social networking site utilizing artificial intelligence and match technology to help people find partners for creative collaboration, and facilitate that creative process.
Noun: A social search engine utilizing tag/keyword searches of people's public profiles to search for potential friends/creative collaborators.
Verb: To CoKreate. To act toward creative collaboration with others.

Challenge 1: Deficiency of Understanding for The Technology of Web & Software Development.

Plan 1: Partner with very talented Web Developer.

Plan 2: Create a basic functional social search engine, then shop that prototype to developers & venture capitalists.

Plan 3: Go Directly To Venture Capitalists.

What would the basic social search engine function look like?

Cokreator, the social search engine would search all public linkedin, facebook, myspace, social network profiles for sets of keywords determined by searcher through search query.
The searcher would see a list of people, in order of relevance, that they could contact for creative collaboration, friendship, or romance. Advanced Social Search Engine Would Utilize User's Own Profile To Search For Other People with Common Keyword Uses.

How to Utilize Match Technology.

eharmony has people fill out a personality profile, asking them questions in different ways in order to get the truth out of thier users. The idea is to understand their temperament, communication style, and values. But a person is so much more than just their guiding principles. Cokreator will seek to Quantify Every Aspect Of Human Relations, Not Just Values. eharmony quizzes users on things such as health habits, and religious affiliation. All of the categories eharmony focuses on have been proven through research to be relevant to healthy long term romantic relationship. Even so... their matching process is not very efficient. CoKreator could utilize the same type of personality profiling used on eharmony and, but in conjunction, CoKreator would search each user's profile for key words, or tags. Because each profile has considerable more content compared to a standard social networking profile (through the use of identity-oriented blog prompts). Users with the most content, through blog narratives would have the most data (keywords/tags) meaning they would be able to search for other CoKreators with the most relevance. More Data = More Relevance.

*Rating system from other users based on legitimacy of keywords and blogs.

Anti-Twitter, Pro-Creation

Each time a cokreator logs on, they are presented with an open ended question with optional follow ups for them to expound upon.
The more a cokreator details these optional "blogs", the more their searches for similar cokreators become relevant.
It also creates more content for a cokreator's profile page.

Myspace: Where friends meet.

Cokreator: Friends Met... Now they're CoKreating.

Facebook: Connect with the people in your life.

Cokreator: Connect with people beyond your current radius of understanding.

Twitter: 140 characters or less.

Cokreator. 140 Characters or More.

Twitter has less characters. Cokreator has more Character.

Twitter = Regression
CoKreator = Evolution

How Cokreator differs from charges people to start meet ups.
It doesn't allow for video chat or many communication tools within the site.
It is exclusively for meeting in real life, not online collaboration.
It only allows search within its own network.
It does not give you user email addresses, only meet up addresses.
Limits communication.

Why Twitter Is The Downfall of Western Civilization.

Twitter is a live, streaming zeitgeist of people's brain farts. It was created for a generation who's developmental brain patterns were determined by Television. Within Twitter's format, people are limited from sharing meaningful, inspiring content. Twitter is de-evolving the human population into monosyllabic "twits" who must define themselves, their activites, their thoughts, and their lives, in 140 characters or less. It keeps people locked in a very base level of relationship, without complexity, evolution, or maturation to the more advanced echelons of communication, rhetoric, or discourse. There is no nuance, there is no context. Just childish, impulsive ranting or updates about mundane minutiae.

CoKreator would have more:

Development of ideas
Building of relationships
Genuine community
Exploration of Complexity (with simple tools)
Two Way or Multiple Sided Conversation (not one sided "announcing" and dead end "comments")
Video Communication Forums
New Ways of Facilitating Communication (That advances creation/intelligence)

Why Do People Go Online? For Possibility... For Relationship...

There is a reason that people go online, and abandon thier local communities and reality in order to search within another realm for new possibilities. The internet is a frontier of potential. We know that anything and anyone is out there. Cokreator helps people connect with what/who they are reaching out for. When people enter dead end conversation chat rooms, and have shallow comments on each others blogs, its because they are trapped within the limits of the current structure of communication of online networks and search engines. There really is no true social search engine, that is where CoKreator comes in! If people could find other people that they actually connect with... at a deep level, if they could meet people that they are compatible with, to collaborate on the next great project, then they would "supplement" their lives with "virtual" reality (internet relationships). People are already doing this, but with much less fulfillment.


We are gathering the most innovative minds together to create synergistic evolution of ideas, innovation & consciousness itself. This evolution in consciousness will automatically result in the evolution of the material world. In order to change our material world, we changed the way we thought, the way we interacted. We were too limited by circumstance in the material world. In the virtual world, all like-minds across the globe could meet and form a meta-consciousness, a power more able to handle the challenges of globalization. We seek the Synergy of the most innovative, intelligent and creative beings on the face of the planet.

The Journey & Creation Of CoKreator

The Journey Literally Reveals The Fundamental Real-Time Processes of CoKreation.
In orchestration of CoKreator we recognize the key components that are essential and vital in the midst of any collaborative venture.

We seek the Synergy of the most innovative, intelligent and creative humans on the face of the planet.
Setting the Environment For Merging Vision Into Real-Time Solution & Action.
Giving CoKreators the Tools They Need To CoKreate in a collaborative landscape.

CoKreator Mobile Application. Alert! CoKreator In Your Radius!

The CoKreator mobile application would have search criteria for what kind of collaborator some one is looking for. Then when someone with a smart phone with the same application walks within their specified radius, an alert goes off on the phone with an introduction of who that potential collaborator is, a list of their attributes, what they are looking for, what they are interested in, how far away they are, etc. Imagine walking into a bar and your CoKreator Alert sounds or vibrates. You set your search criteria to limit to only people who specialize in Molecular Cell Biology. Now you have an introduction to someone in your environment that has a similar specialized interest. That's right, you can plan to run into specialized people, or someone that has the same favorite band. You set the criteria. CoKreator does the work. Plan to run into a kindred spirit in the near future.

The CoKreator Narrative

We live in a complex world. There are over 6 billion people whom populate this earth. Almost 2 billion have access to the internet and the number is growing every day. Human beings are social creatures. We seek to meet, socialize, collaborate, negotiate, trade, love, and laugh with eachother. It used to be that geopolitical boundaries, belief systems, language, and other barriers would keep us pitted against eachother. There are many power structures that control the mediums of communication. With the advent of the internet, language translation, and other technologies, the boundaries that once divided us are falling away. So try as one might, it would be impossible to keep human beings across the globe from communicating and collaborating. However, people are still meeting in much the same ways that they have always met, through organic relationships. In the most popular social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook, one meets friends through other friends. Another way people meet with those whom have common interests, is by joining niche sites focused on those interests. The process of meeting other people seems a bit archaic with all of the technology at our disposal. What if there was a website that used artificial intelligence (match technology) to connect you with other people whom you would have an interest to communicate? Currently, there are a few sites that utilize differing ways to match people, mostly for dating. They often focus on ambigous personality typing to match people. The formula for chemistry between lovers is a mysterious one, therefore, dating match technology cannot be proved or disproved as effective. But why should people be reliant on ambigous personality typing to meet people, and why only for dating? What if there was a website that utilized detailed interest profiling to match you with those who have similar interests. And what if it went way beyond that...what if it had...intelligence. Lets say you are a musician, you have a lot of people that you would like to meet. You would like to meet fans, producers, record labels, tv/film supervisors, band mates, and anyone into the same style of music that you are into. By that same token, fans producers, record labels, tv/film supervisors, band mates, and anyone into the same style of music, is also looking... for YOU! Using advanced profiling, listing and categorizing your music, influences, geographic profile, ambitions, and goals, this website could search it's own network, and all public linked in, myspace, facebook, music site profiles, and match you with whom you should get to know, in order of relevance. This is only one simple example. Lets say you are a scientist that specializes in a rare segmant of quantam physics research. You could do google searches, join niche sites, and get blue in the face trying to find those who are also doing research in this area and those interested in it. Or you could fill out an advanced profile that details every facet of your research and whom you are looking to collaborate with. You could specify education level of your match, along with specific feild of research along with a sliding scale to determine how important that aspect of the search is to you. Yes, you would be able to determine your own search metrics on this website. And what if once you were matched with the perfect individuals, the site helped facilitate communication through video chat, mediation, and language translation. Imagine that this site had a mobile application that alerted you when a compatible person was within your radius! Well, the future is here. Networking just became destiny. Fill out a profile today, and find out who is looking for you.

It is hard to imagine the implications of this website. What would it be like if you could cut through the clutter and chaos of the world to pinpoint exactly who you would like to interact with? It would catalyze creative collaboration amongst disparate groups of people across the globe. It would fundamentally change human social interaction and behavior. It would organize kindred spirits that lie beyond artificial geopolitical boundaries. The inventions, businesses, movements, ideas, romances, freindships, and real life interactions that would result would be unquantifiable. You see, the goal is not to be on a computer. The goal is to meet human beings in real life...To create tangible art...To stop wasting your time sifting through the millions of people in chatrooms and networking sites trying to meet someone you really connect with. To stop clinging to empty interactions of 140 characters or less, meaningless status updates, and spam messages from people you have nothing in common with. The goal, is to get people together, rather than divide them. To create interactions of meaning, authenticity, and love. The to cocreate a new world, and a new reality.

CoKreator Tag Lines and Catch Phrases:

Artificial Intelligence... Real Connections...
Cutting Edge Technology. Primal Connections.
Innovation for Primal Connections.
Weaving the WWW.
CoCreating Common Dreams
Synchronizing Common Dreams
Connecting Kindred Spirits
Your Network, Fueled by Destiny.
Search Engine Powered by Destiny
Destiny & Networking, Together Again.
Artificial Intelligence. Real Connections.
*Where Networking Becomes Destiny
Social Networking Evolved.
Evolve Yourself
Synchronize Your Desires
Synchronize Your Destiny
It’s Your Creation.
Co-Creating Destiny.
Creation, Limitless.
Infinite Potential.
Supporting Billions. Billions Supporting.
Social Networking X100 (to the 100th power)
We Bypassed Networking. We Began Creating.
The Original Driving Force
The Sixth Sense
Your External Heartbeat
Where Luck is Obsolete
Fortune Inherited.
Your Birthright.
Who Needs Luck When You’ve Got Strength of the Infinite?
Inspiration Transformation
The Golden Rule (on steroids)
Are You a Co-Creator?
Like MySpace. But without all the Hookers.
Supporting other social networks by pointing out their flaws.

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